Thursday, August 27, 2009



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MJ Live Forever - YAF submission

A constellation in space would be the perfect monument for him. It will consist of numerous inhabitable space station sized radio satellites, mimicking one of his famous dance moves. Each satellite will include large football sized video screens showing videos and images that can be viewed with a telescope. The monument will be associated and connected to today's popular social networks. Future space travel will allow the satellites to be used for museums to Michael. Orbiting the globe it will be a reminder to all nations of his legacy.

LtoR: Isaac Warshow, Marvin Weeks, JD Carling, Jeff Luddy, Amy Luddy, Beau Bock, Michael Jackson.
Thanks to the whole 4hr mini charette team.
& R. Miller Architecture for hosting
Thanks to Archinect and Bustler for hosting

Monday, August 24, 2009

Orlando Builds Update

Learn how Orlando Builds can help you.

Orlando, FL – The City of Orlando Permitting Services Division will host a public, roundtable session on Wednesday, August 25, 2009 at 6:00 P.M. in the City Hall Rotunda. This session will spotlight Orlando Builds, one of the six Strengthen Orlando pillars designed to create jobs, provide economic stimulus and connect residents with vital resources and information. Strengthen Orlando is the comprehensive economic action plan outlined by Mayor Buddy Dyer to sustain our community and ensure Orlando remains in position for future growth and prosperity during these tough economic times.

Through Orlando Builds, the office of Permitting Services has implemented a package of actions to accelerate planned construction and help generate economic activity. Orlando Builds offers Quality Control On-site Inspections, Expedited Plan Review, Impact Fee Payment Plans and Same Day Inspections all services that will reduce project costs to developers, contractors and homeowners during these tough economic times.

Friday, August 14, 2009


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Saturday August 15, 2009 There will be a ½ day charette @ R Miller Architecture for the Michael Jackson: Live Forever
Monument Competition hosted by and .

The requirements are very loose. This will be a good exercise in quick productive thinking.

For more information please visit here:

Please RSVP to:
Or call 407 474 8989

Friday, August 7, 2009

SSSC Competition - YAF submission

The 2009 AIA State Convention is over and with it the SSSC competition. At the convention the attendees to the Florida Foundation/Emerging Professionals Luncheon were allowed to vote of the finalists for the Sunshine State Sustainable Classroom competition. The YAF submission did not make the finals this year. The winner of the competition should be posted on the website soon. It will be posted here as soon as YAF is informed as well.

Thank you to all the YAF team:
The full YAF submission is on To view the full document Click HERE.

Some of the finalists submissions are below:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dove Tail Photos

Thanks to all for coming and exhibiting their work.

Mike Lindsey - Winescapes / Photography
Amy Luddy - Masters Research Project
Jeff Luddy - Ink Cards
Chris Getz - Steriolithography / SSSC competition
Binh Nguyen - Scrap lamp / scrap Piano / LEED Icons
J.D. Carling - Hand sketches / Sanford Housing designs
Khris Stenger - Home design
Ashley / Sheilla Sumayang - Various hand drawings
Shani Chambers - Loom work / cast panel
Marvin Weeks - Vray experiments
Elizabeth Vega - U.F. China program work
Beau Bock- Personal works portfolio
Renata Bruder - Marketing for Dovetail
And more.... I'm sure I am forgetting some and spelled some
names wrong... so feel free to correct me!

Thank you Perkins and Will Orlando for the awesome
space to exhibit the work....

Thank you Urban Flats for the epic scale table with investigation lights


Check out Marvin Week's Blog.

He posts some interesting discussion items
as well as some local events and resources.....