Monday, August 3, 2009

Dove Tail Photos

Thanks to all for coming and exhibiting their work.

Mike Lindsey - Winescapes / Photography
Amy Luddy - Masters Research Project
Jeff Luddy - Ink Cards
Chris Getz - Steriolithography / SSSC competition
Binh Nguyen - Scrap lamp / scrap Piano / LEED Icons
J.D. Carling - Hand sketches / Sanford Housing designs
Khris Stenger - Home design
Ashley / Sheilla Sumayang - Various hand drawings
Shani Chambers - Loom work / cast panel
Marvin Weeks - Vray experiments
Elizabeth Vega - U.F. China program work
Beau Bock- Personal works portfolio
Renata Bruder - Marketing for Dovetail
And more.... I'm sure I am forgetting some and spelled some
names wrong... so feel free to correct me!

Thank you Perkins and Will Orlando for the awesome
space to exhibit the work....

Thank you Urban Flats for the epic scale table with investigation lights

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